Flying on broken wings
2005-06-01 15:33:07 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Last night I was able to talk with Amber! woot! er, I mean,
and she is well. Her job has her working from 4-1 am! It's
crazy; I didn't even know Taco-bell was open that late.
Grr, it's not fair that she should be told to work that
long. There dumb-asses... Well that’s not the point. ^-^;
What the point is that I finally got a hold of her at 1:17
am, and she had just got in it sounded like. We talked a
little on the phone, and then she finally told me the good
news. Her girlfriend proposed to her! She is now engaged,
isn't that so sweet? I think so, she said that she went to
work dizzy. I think it's so cute! Hehe, she said something
about Texas, but I don't really remember that, I think I
was more asleep than awake by then. I just wish them the
very best, and I hope she knows that if she, or anyone
really, needs something they just have to ask. Ek! This is
such big news.. in fact that is about all that I remember
about last night. Oh I do remember trying to get onto
yahoo, but couldn't. I hope she won’t be mad at me for
that. I wonder if she will be at work again today, she did
say that it was a full time job... just she has another job
now, I hope she remember that. They are so young, but I do
wish them the best. Pity this world of politics is so damn
stupid, or they might be able to get married like normal
couples in their state. Laws suck; then again I guess
that's why we break them. ^-^; I don't think I should
really post that, oh well. Well anyway, I just wanted to
say Congratulations, and wishing the best for Amber and her
soon true wife to be. (So cute!)

-Amy -10:28 am -Wednesday, June 1st.

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