Confessions of a troubled pre-teen
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2005-06-01 08:00:14 (UTC)

Fantasies ( the undisturbed kind.)

YER well I wudn't say I'm normal but I'm not kwl enough to
be abnormal. You see I fit somewhere inbetween the misfits
and individuals and the crowd pleasers and plastics! I
don't want to be changed but I want to be a different
person. I have issues and secrets and I don't want to
share them with my friends but am happy to with strangers?
I know I sound like all those depressionists but I
am not. I dnt want to kill myself becoz I wud hate to
think of my families pain. I dnt hate myself that much and
I have great friends who I can be most of myself with.I am
straight but curious.
Um well the title is fantasies and what I meant was
I wud like to be different sumeone who I am not. Prettier,
Skinnier, Nicer, Politer etc etc. If you see me in photos
I'm the girl who is trying to hide behind everyone so her
ugly face does not get in the photo. I have confidencewhen
I have to but am not really that confronting.
Ok so I am straight a few ppl have been asking me
and I am straight so thats not what I mean when I say
confused. I fantasise about being liked, guys not just
skipping me in the line up.

G2G and get my bro byez Georgia xoxo