Secrets come out?
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2005-06-01 07:35:37 (UTC)

it's been a while...

OH GOd... has it been a while or what?loli
knew i couldn't be completely faithful to this thing.
Well ... i think last time i wrote i had talked about not
knowing whether or not i was pregnant. Well guess
whatAs luck would have it ... i am . Jason knows... 10
weeks today to be exact. He is such an asshole though . so
much has happened to me as it always does... and my entries
are so long compared to peter's sometimes. That's because i
guess i have so many emotions that build up inside me and i
come here to write them all down like every couple
months... lol... anyways... so i told Jason... and at first
he said it wasn't his . Well he realized it had to be his.
So he finally came around and called me about a month
later... oh yeah and before he decided to try to be a
father... he told me to have an abortion and that did not
go well at all.. then he tried to tell me he was just
playin. Can y'all believe that? omg... anyway... so
everything has been goin pretty good... UNTIL TODAY ... He
got mad becuz i got a lil jealous to tell you the truth ..
it's like ... i mean why can't he care about his baby or me
more than sex with fuckin strangers.... i don't want to be
with him ... because even though i thought i would never
find anyone again... i have started dating this guy named
Michael... he is so awesome and so sweet... i work with
him ... and he is prolly one of the best things to happen
to me.. i have been dating him for six days now... and all
he can talk about is how much he missed me and how he can't
wait to hold me and all of these things.. IT is SSSOOOOOOO
much better than havin to deal with jason's bullshit... but
anyways... so today jason is mad because i got a lil
jealous over him sayin he wanted to screw some girl to get
this other guy mad at him so he could beat his ass...
(fighting is one of the only three topics in jason's mind)
so... i get pissed and hang up... he calls back like four
times... and the final time... when i tell him i am not
puttin up with him tryin to make me jealous all the time..
he says "well take this however you want it --- but i hope
somethin happens to that fuckin baby in your
stomach!!!!"... so that hurts and i just hang up... i mean
why the hell do men say shit like that just to hurt you...
well i have basically decided not to talk to him anymore..
and michael wants to beat the shit out of him. but i said
no... i am just gonna let it go ... and it is his choice
whether he wants anything to do with his kid or not... but
if he says somethin one more damn time about his kid dyin
in any way... then he is never seeing him or her... EVER i
mean do you blame me??????? let me know... and peter if you
read this.. then i'm sorry that every time i talk to you i
am so short with you. I don't mean to be. it's just we
haven't really talked in a while... and i hardly ever have
any spare time so i hope you get this... love ya sweets...

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