Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-05-31 20:04:04 (UTC)

It's About Time -D.E.

Well, yesterday I finally wrote in my diary/notbeook. I
keep telling myself I'm going to write in it often but
that never seems to happen.The last time I wrote in it was
exactly 2 months ago. So when I wrote in it last night, I
filled up eight pages. Figures.
I emptied out my thoughts on everything ( family, Jer,
friends, life, etc..) It deffinitely felt good. But I
still feel like theres something nagging at me at the back
of my mind. I've felt like that for months. It's driving
me crazy. I'm so bloody irritable too. I think I just have
too much time on my hands to think. I over-analyse
everything to death. I look into things more than I
should, and then I let everything bother me. I hope I
won't always live my life this way.
I miss having someone tell me that they love me. I know
Jer doesn't want a gf right now...and it hurts. I don't
want to waste my time caring for someone, but I can't seem
to let go.Maybe I'm holdong on so dearly, because I'm
afraid one day the man in my life will let go of me and
leave me.
Why am i stressing about love? Aren't I 'too young' to
know anything about love?

-Dragon Eyes-

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