slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-05-31 14:17:12 (UTC)

sub diary 29-05-05


slept late today. had a few things to do around home. it
was a cold windy day here. i wanted to go to the beach but
would have been miserable. when for a drive and visited
grandma. we then decided to visit the local markets. bought
some fresh produce, had coffee then took grandma home. on
the way home, the urge to speak to Master was so powerful
that i gave into it. i knew i should not disturb Him but i
was resistance was weak. as it happened Master was on a
short break. he had a friend at his home and had plans to
go out to dine. i didnt want to keep Him long on the phone
so Oour chat was rather short.

i arrived home to find my home full of males. i was in such
a good mood so i gave them all a hard time about parking
where my car goes, about the clothes they were wearing,
about all being Nigel NoFriends...meaning no girlfriends.
they in turn paid out on me about long distance
relationships but i didnt worry as i was just so happy
after talking with Master.

i prepared dinner for them all, cleared up, then decided on
an early night. i slept wonderfully well. i will have to
have early nights all this week as i have early starts.
getting breakfasts, lunches as well as doing the housework
for 3 untidy males is no easy feat at times.

love to all
slave jess {MJ}