Technically Speaking...
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2005-05-31 03:30:18 (UTC)


...and I think I'm really going crazy. The weather was
nice, I'm still looking for a human-type of job, and don't
know why, I feel so lonely, sad, depressed, depressed,
sad, lonely. I really hate it everyday more, well, not
hating it really, seems farther away everyday, more &
more, it resembles a big, fat, cow, proud of being so
white, so stupid, so full of greasy milk, (hormone-
packed). This is not me, believe me, I've done
some "thingies" lately to help myself out of this black
hole, well, maybe brownish. Only time will tell if they do
work, is basically my last hope.

And my diet is going OK, I completed 1 week!!!! A lot of
bumps on the way, but everyday is a new comfrontation, I
do know how a drug addict or an alcoholic feels, with all
my respect, I do know, and it hurts physically, my father
& mother's family are alcoholics, and I do have their
genes for excuses here, but is a fight against
my genetic legacy and all this @#$% pressure, what a nice

Like O says, one breath after another, and I'LL DO IT!!!