Boo Devil
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2005-05-31 00:52:33 (UTC)

Class of 2005

I can't believe that our senior year is actually winding
down. It all seems so sudden, especially this year.
Things started out pretty slowly, but since sometime in
the middle of March, everyday seems to fly by. I'm
finally starting to realize why people say to take
everyday one at a time and cherish all the memories you
have and the people you make them with. Looking back, I
feel kind of bad, because I wasn't able to make more
memories with more people. Time changes
things...friendships, relationships, schedules. Even
though we're all still in school, a lot of things have
changed in the last four years, hell, even the last 6
months. I don't really want to make a list of people and
the stuff I won't ever forget about them, because
inevitably something will come out the wrong way, somebody
will unintentionally get left off, and not everything will
be able to be written down. But to all of my friends, you
know who you are, and you know how much I appreciate
everything that you all do for me. Let's make the best of
the next couple weeks, and make sure that we leave a
lasting impression on this place!

To all the people who aren't going out with us, take care
of this place. I know we all say how much we hate it here,
but in retrospect, we're lucky to have grown up in a place
like this, where the only stuff we have to worry about are
the stupid things we do. There are a lot worse places to
learn about life. Thanks to all of you too. Whether you
know it or not, you've all helped me learn a lot about
life and myself in one way or another.


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