2005-05-30 19:39:47 (UTC)

sun :)

Fuckin' yas!!! Sun!

Lol, Anyway, IGOTAGIRLFRIEND! Yey, go So yeh, I
guess I'm getting along pretty well with Ashleigh just
now. Went to the cinema with her on Saturday. Crap film
but it was fun then we went to my house for a bit. absolutely wasted on Thursday night lol and
went to the pub after work on Friday night which would
have been pretty good if I didn't fall out with Booster
for being an arsehole. Made up with him now though so it's
kool. Was pretty drunk last night aswell actually. Was
quite good.

I'm pretty stoned just now cause I've just been to ek to
get booster and dani's smoke lol.

Better go now, I think I'm meant to meet people. See ya