Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-05-30 08:24:04 (UTC)

I Feel So Lost - AW

I feel so alone right now. Ever since my b-day I've been
feeling it more and more. I still haven't talked to most
of my family, I haven't been able to get a job yet, half
of Dave's friends can only remember me as Dave's gf. I
have one whole friend out here that isn't friend's with
Dave and I don't even hang out with her often. I feel like
a hermit crab stuck in my shell. Dave doesn't even listen
to me half the time and he never asks me whether or not I
want to do certain things. He makes all the decisions and
I'm stuck with going out when I don't want to and going to
places I have no interest in going. Even when I mention
that to him, it doesn't seem to change anything and we end
up fighting. I have no direction in my life and I feel
like I'm stuck in one place. I don't like the kind of life
I'm living right now. I can't seem to do anything on my
own. I'm so dependent on others it's sad. I think these
stupid pills are making me depressed and I don't like it.
Or maybe I was always depressed and this is just helping
me to see it...I don't know what I'm doing anymore..

-Angel Wings

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