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2005-05-29 22:42:21 (UTC)

so now what to do

I don't know what to do. mary seems to believe that I am
completely capible of becoming an abusive boyfriend, that
I'm going to slap her to shut her up one day. I'm sorry
she doesn't know me well enough to know that won't happen.
something like that is really worrying me. she doesn't
trust me then. she doesn't know me. worries the hell out
of me. sorry she feels like I talked to her like she was
shit but I won't say sorry that I said it because the way
she talks to have to say something shocking to get
her to stop long enough to finish what you are saying. she
talks over me and I'm unable to get any words in.

I love her but damn..I worry..I called Mom and told them I
wouldn't see them tonight. I told mary after her thing
with Don that she needed to look inside her self to see if
this is what she really wanted. Now..I have to.

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