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2005-05-29 21:07:57 (UTC)

Positive Mental Attitude

From terriCA on 4/24/2004 2:32:40 PM

PMA. No not PMS or PMT but PMA LOL. I discovered this a few
years ago when snowboarding was first becoming popular. I
was a skiier (still am) but wanted to try it out. So when
on holiday in the alps I went to a class with some friends
of mine Andy and Tracy. Andy is a hellion and does
everything at high speed LOL, but we just couldnt get the
hang of this snowboarding. I just couldnt stay upright and
grip with my toes to give me stability and direction. Andy
and Tracy stood at the side on my turn and shouted PMA at
me all the way down, and I thought it and felt it. I stayed
on, upright, and made my turns LOL. I crashed at the
bottom, flipped my board and landed in a heap BUT I willed
myself to succeed and I did - all three of us did. That was
my first experience of PMA.

I am scared of heights (what a wuss), so I have forced
myself to ridge walk at great heights (Lake District,
Scotland, Snowdon in Wales etc etc), and I have sky dived
twice. Each time I was horrified but willed myself through
it with PMA.

Why am I telling you this? To tell you how great I am? Nah.
Because my accomplishments are very small compared to many
peoples. But I WILLED myself through my quit's first four
months or so with a Positive Mental Attitude even when I
didnt feel like it - which was a lot of days LOL. PMA and
the gym saved me. And only PMA forced me to go to the gym.

Last night I ran just under 6 miles in an hour and five.
Small potatoes to most. To me? PMA got me through the
furthest I have ever ran. And this morning, I broke two
goals. 4 miles in less than 45 minutes and 3 sets of biceps
with a 30 pound bar. Both of which I have been pursuing for
a while now. Again small potatoes to many. To me, I feel
like a king today. Very proud.

The point of my story? PMA will do a lot for you, and in
spite of you. All you have to do is convince yourself that
you have it, even when you dont. PMA got me through. PMA is
what I have today that is spurring me on towards my goals.
And now, finally, at almost 40, I have some great goals.
Amazing what attitude can do for a person. Even a
manufactured one LOL.

Have a great quit - it is much easier that way.


Proud BBB

206 days