Date With Destiny
2005-05-29 21:07:20 (UTC)

What's hard got to do with anything?

From danl1 on 8/12/2004 12:00:55 PM

Is this quitting thing tough? You betcha. Not always, but
that's way the smart money bets. But I'm now planning a
vacation, and it's got me thinking about what hard has to
do with anything.

See, I'm not the sort to lay on the beach and sip Mai-
Tai's. The first day of my vacation will be spent - from
before sunup to after sundown 6 timezones west of here -
schlepping luggage and sitting in those gawdawful airline
seats. 8 hours at work in my comfy ergo desk chair would be
much easier.

The next day, I'll spend 5 or 6 hours driving, 4 or 5
hiking on the side of a mountain, and some amount of time
walking city streets. Answering a few dozen phone calls is
far easier.

The day after that, I plan to do a few hours of kayaking on
the open ocean. I can already feel the burn in my shoulders
and abdomen. A few hours surfing the web would be far more

OK, so there will be some beach time too, but then there's
the sailing, the snorkeling, and the bicycling that are
also planned, as well as the jungle hikes, rock climbing,
and general sightseeing. And all of it will be far harder
than meetings, and filing, and email, and all the rest
of 'real' life. And I can't wait.

How much different would your experience of quitting be if
instead of looking it as something you 'had' to do
downcast eyes, shuffle, moan, complain, woe is me - What
if instead you decided that it was something you wanted to
do, the tough road to a marvelous goal, a challenge taken
on just for the sake of taking on the challenge? Head up,
chin out, boots on, eyes to the setting sun.

Face it, you don't really want it easy, you want it
different. And there's not too much that's more 'different'
that the time spent quitting smoking.

I do not wish you an end to your struggles. I do wish for
you to recognize that you already have the strength you
need to overcome them. 'Tis the far better wish.

May your path be steep, rocky and dangerous. May it take
you into the clouds and fog - and through to the most
amazing view.