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2005-05-29 21:04:48 (UTC)

Your Addiction Is On Every Level

From sraye on 2/19/2004 10:24:29 AM

I was going through my quit folder this morning… stuff I’ve
read and printed out. (Folder is now quite thick). I ran
across this. Don’t know where it came from, but I wanted to
share it. Many thanks to whoever originally wrote this:

… If you are anything like me, your addiction is on every
level, physical, psychological, environmental, and genetic.

There isn’t **** you can do about genetic factors but
recognize them.

There isn’t much you can do about environmental factors.
You can dodge tough situations, triggers and the like, if
you want to, but my attitude is bring them on! The fact is,
you can’t avoid cigarettes or the situations you used to
smoke in, so you have to be prepared to refuse to smoke in
the worst of trigger situations.

They physical withdrawals are over in 9 days, and the
hardest ones are over in 3.

That means that what we have to focus on is the
psychological war. This is were where you control your
quit. This is where you decide if you are going to succeed
or fail. It is up to you, and winning in this depends upon
you believing and accepting that. No craving, and I know
they can be very powerful, but no craving can force you to
smoke. What wears most people down is that they never seem
to stop, but you have to take it on faith… they will stop.
They will stop if you stay on your quit and refuse to
smoke. They will come back, over and over for the rest of
your life, if you smoke even a little. These are the tough
truths you need to win this war for your life. Your weapons
are the coping methods everyone talks about…

Candy, comfort foods, sleep, hot baths, exercise, delay,
posting on the internet, chat rooms, movies, good books,
sex, whatever it is that works for you, use it and keep the
quit. For me it is all this writing I do. That and

You can do this. Decide to, and decide there is literally
nothing that is a good enough excuse for smoking (because
smoking changes nothing) and you will succeed.

Again, many thanks to the original author…