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2005-05-29 20:59:25 (UTC)

Warren whispers (repost)

From summerbear on 2/16/2004 11:55:11 AM

Warren whispers. That's what he does. That's his job.
That's his only job.

And then there are Warren whispers which are the actual
things that Warren whispers. Things such as "you feel
tired, a cig makes that feeling go away", "you feel tense,
a cig makes that feeling go away", "you are out of the
dentist office and feel relief, a cig = relief", .... those
are routine Warren whispers.
When Warren whispers, there is only an association. His job
is to recognize a physical sensation and to associate, from
experience, an appropriate response. That's Warren's job,
his only job. Warren has a job, but NEVER an agenda. Having
an agenda would imply he has some sort of 'overview'
or 'perspective'. He has none of that. All he cares about
is his job of recognizing a sensation and associating a
response. Worry about something and get tense muscles,
he'll recognize the tension and associate a cig response.
Work hard all day with little rest or sustenance, get
fatigued, Warren will recognize the sensations of brain fog
and a generally pooped body and associate a cig response.
Eat spicy salsa, Warren will recognize a numb mouth and
burning throat and probably associate a gallon or two of
water or a couple of cold beers. :)
If you haven't realized yet, Warren isn't the sharpest
knife in the drawer. In fact, he's pretty much a one trick
pony. It's just that he's remarkably good and consistent at
the performance of his one trick. He doesn't see smoking as
anything other than an appropriate and proven response to
any number of physical sensations. Bottom line is that
Warren doesn't care if we smoke or not. He doesn't care if
we smoke, spit sunflower seeds, or stand on our heads as
long as the action effectively addresses the perceived
sensation. Teach him different responses and, as long as
the new responses are 'appropriate' to the relief of the
sensation, he'll happily carry on associating while caring
not at all what the specific association is.
You must keep in mind however, that Warren is a
bit 'challenged' in that he's a bit slow to accept change.
As you train him to make new associations, he'll tend to
return to old patterns. You need patience and a bit of
perseverance. Don't get angry or upset with him and don't
call him names. Aside from the fact that he's not a demon
and doesn't want to 'trick' you, he doesn't understand your
anger and it will only make him confused, upset, and
obstinate. Warren will respond best to a firm but gentle
hand. ABCs will offer him new choices for association.
Remember, Warren cares only that the association is to some
response that 'works'. Keep pointing the way for him till
he learns the new patterns and he'll take over and once
again be a most reliable, consistent, and dependable

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