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2005-05-29 20:56:48 (UTC)

Flash Cards - Quit smoking Q's

Flash Cards
From 2sexy4mysmokes on 10/17/2000 9:48:23 PM

In my first few weeks of this quit I replaced the pack of
Ciggs that was always in my purse with a stack of index
cards. Each card had a reason to quit or an encouraging
saying I found on the Q or anything I heard or read that I
wanted to save. If I found I wanted to reach for a smoke, I
just pulled out my cards and read each one until the
craving passed. This really helped me and I thought i would
share some of my flash cards with you. Some of these are
adapted from the book.."Out of the Ashes" by Peter and
Peggy Holmes.

1. So you think one won't hurt? ...When was the last time
you had one and quit smoking?

2. I don't want one.. I want them all.

3.You have to practice being a non-smoker. It won't come
automatically. Every craving I survive gives me more

4. Avoid thoughts of how hard this might be. 3 million
smokers quit every year. It can be done.

5. When you make it through the first week, it gets better

6. Body changes are normal and sometimes uncomfortable but
they remind me I am suceeding.

7. A Craving is just a feeling. There is no reason to be
afraid of it. You can say no to the craving as easily as
you can say no to buying something out of your budget. It
is my choice.

8. It takes what it takes to quit. no more and no less. No
matter what...just don't smoke

9. Symptoms are temporary. I will feel normal again.

10 Don't think of never smoking again ...think one minute if you have to. We only need to
cope with today. Whatever happens tomorrow I will handle

11. I will have cravings whether I smoke or not. If i smoke
they will get worse and come every 30 minutes. If I don't
they will pass in a few moments and get fewer and farther
between and get easier and easier until I am free.

12. I can live with the occasional desire to smoke or I can
smoke. There are no other choices.

13. Smoking does not calm my nerves. It creates stress
everytime my nicotine level drops and I have to smoke to
bring it up again. As a smoker I am in a constant state of
withdrawl creating stress.

14. Each craving challenges me to think about what is
really important to me. With each craving I have the choice
of acting on what I believe or
staying in denial.

15. Desires to smoke are inevitable..smoking does not have
to be.

16. No one is making me stop smoking. I can smoke if I
want. I choose not to for now. Tomorrow i will have the
same choices.

17. The urge to light up will pass if I smoke or not.

18 I would rather be a non-smoker with an occasional desire
to smoke than a smoker that always wants to quit.

19. Getting ill from smoking is far worse than this
transitional discomfort of quitting.

20. I am a puff away from a pack a day for the rest of my
life. Just don't smoke.

Not sure if i can post this i am not the one who wrote it
but i did find it encouraging and hoped to share it with
all of you

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