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2005-05-29 20:54:47 (UTC)

Repost - the half-percent club (my doctoral ramble)

From melder7777 on 2/15/2004 2:09:06 PM

I post this every so often as a way of reconfirming my
membership in this club.

Feel free to join if you like....the dues are out outlined

552 days of choosing life

From kevindontsmoke on 11/19/2002 11:50:48 AM

according to statistics published in june of 2002 by the
american lung association (see "TRENDS IN TOBACCO USE" at *

over 46,500,000 (that's 46 and a half million) americans

of those, 70% (or 32,550,000) say they want to quit.

of those, 34% (or 11,067,000) attempt to quit each year.

of those, 2.5% (or 276,675) succeed.

that's about one-half of one percent of the total number of
american smokers.

the half-percent club.

* (since i don't have similar statistics for any other
country, i'm going to assume that the percentages are about
the same everywhere; people are people, wherever they live,
and nicotine is nicotine, no matter who's addicted to


now, some people might look at those numbers and get
discouraged. they might think, "only a half of a percent
make it? what chance do i have of succeeding with odds like
that?" - what they don't realize is that statistics say
*nothing* about individuals. and every member of this
exclusive club is an individual.

and every individual has the power of choice.


the half-percent club has no officers; no president, no
secretary, no treasurer.

it has no meetings; it has no meeting hall.

it doesn't march in parades, organize food, clothing or
fund drives, hold garage sales, or have bingo on wednesdays.

but it does have dues, and if you want to be a member, you
have to pay your dues.

it doesn't matter who you know, doesn't matter what you
know, doesn't matter if you're from the right family,
doesn't matter if you went to the right school, doesn't
matter if you're from the right side of the tracks, doesn't
matter if you're a man or a woman, doesn't matter what
color your skin is, doesn't matter what religion you follow
(or even if you follow any at all), doesn't matter what
your politics are.

all that matters is that you pay your dues.

because the half-percent club isn't like other clubs:
nobody nominates you for membership; you nominate yourself.
nobody votes on whether you can become a member; your vote
is the only one that counts. you elect yourself. by paying
your dues.

you pay your dues by waking up every morning, looking your
addiction in the eye, and choosing not to feed it today.

you pay your dues by going to bed every night patting
yourself on the back for having stuck by that choice today.

you pay your dues by choosing not to feed your addiction
whenever you're hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.

you pay your dues by choosing not to feed your addiction
whenever you feel sorry for yourself.

you pay your dues by choosing not to feed your addiction
whenever you're under pressure.

you pay your dues by choosing not to feed your addiction
whenever you get a crave.

you pay your dues by choosing not to feed your addiction.
no matter what.

you pay your dues by choosing life.

because as long as you choose life, you're a card-carrying,
paid-in-full member. and as long as you keep choosing life,
nobody can vote you out. in fact, once you've paid your
dues, the only way to lose your membership is to take it
away from yourself. by choosing to feed your addiction. by
choosing death.


this morning, for the 366th morning in a row, i woke up,
looked my addiction in the eye, and chose not to feed it

this morning, for the 366th morning in a row, i wrote in my
quit journal:

"I am a nicotine addict.
I cannot afford to feed that addiction.
Not even one time.
- so -
Today, I choose LIFE!
Today, I choose HEALTH!
Today, I choose STRENGTH!
Today, I choose SELF-CONTROL!
Today, I choose FREEDOM!
Today, I choose NOT to SMOKE!"

thomas jefferson said, "the price of freedom is eternal
vigilance"; writing these affirmations in my quit journal
every morning is one way that i practice eternal vigilance
against my mortal enemy. it reminds me, every day, that i'm
an addict, and that my only power over that addiction is my
repeated choice not to feed it. i know, from previous
experience, that it only takes one feeding to bring that
addiction back in full force, and this reminds me, every
morning, that i can't afford to give it that one feeding.
so far, this has helped keep me free for a full year; i'd
strongly suggest that you find a way to practice eternal
vigilance that works for you.

today starts my second year of freedom from smoking; my
second year of membership in the half-percent club. i
invite you to join me.

by choosing life.

today, and every day.

kevin - grateful to be in my second year of freedom!!!