Technically Speaking...
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2005-05-29 04:22:06 (UTC)


I don't know what is the [email protected]#$% deal w/summer, that you got
like 3 months to show off ur kookoo??? Hahaha...I've seen
real summer allright, the one that you can fry eggs on the
hood, that ruins your makeup in 30 secs, makes u
feel really sticky all day even if ur standing still, the
real tropical paradise, liquid sunshine, where the sun
rays meet the equator!!! So, summer is no big deal
at all, actually it brings me some very upsetting memories
from last year...Oh well, I bet people w/SAD get happy,
who cares...So, today I saw ML, she looked very misterious
and avoidant, propably thinks I'm a phsyco, and that her
baby has a white coinscience, white as the muddy snow
maybe...nazy dog! devil's advocate! Is not my fault that I
don't have any problems showing off my feelings, OK, so I
cried, I cried cause her baby punched my spirit, and I
punched back, but I felt like crying, maybe it wasn't the
most appropriate moment, but...guess what??? I'm human,
and I've been thru enough!!! So welcome to the land of the
living!! WOW, he's one tough cookie... so rotten
inside, so moldy...But I know...I'm the oportunistic one,
the parasite...right? the lazy ass!!! Well, call it lazy
but I got one!

Let me tell u something, I do believe that marriage is a
world that involves 2 and only 2, whatever ur opinion or
positions, they don't need to intervene on it, but then,
just push away the counter part, that's so wrong, is
crying a sin? would I get a ticket 4 that? Oh yeah,
specially since if you've been holding those tears for
soooo long.

So,I didn't feel the greatest...bad sucks!!!
When would I be free? I miss my friends so bad...I miss
having one of those laughs your tummy hurts cause u just
can't stop...a laugh from the
heart...sincere...genuine...I prepared this meat for
tomorrow, nothing better than a charcoal grilled-lean meat
prepared the caribbean way, prob call home, and hopefully
I get to feel better physically. I walked 45 min. on the
treadmill, talk about ordeals!!! To choose food as an
addiction is anything but wise, lucky asses who never get
fat, or who can bring themselves to puke whenever they
feel like it, not me, I'm just a plain carb-addict
(chocolate, candy, bread, pizza) good old processed synth-
foods with high levels of corn syrup, just plain
disgusting! is like eating a whole chemically pre-digested
mix of toxins with flour and lard to hold the compound
together! Yeah, there is no business like the medical
business here!!! So I'm addicted to this bs, incredible. I
need a lobotomy. Don't wanna be anymore.

Positive Note: My binging wasn't that bad and I exercized.

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