Living on love
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2005-05-29 04:05:59 (UTC)

Is there an end.....

Every time I think I've reached "the end", every time I
think I've seen all of love's different faces, I meet yet
another one. So I ask: "Is there an end in loving?".
Will the day arrive when I'll say I've loved with my all
meaning having loved in every single possible way there is
to love?

I've just met love dressed in it's most unselfish-gown.
She told me she is part of the love-family. Few know her
because only the ones who truly and purely love see her,
treasure her existence and invite her in. Only those who
live for loving can see the beauty in her and want her to
be a part of their "living love".

I've met her and indeed I want her to be part of me living
love and I treasure her existence deeply.
So, I gladly invited her in and asked her to be part of me

And I ask myself "What does love has in store for me next,
is there an end or is she trying to really teach me the
meaning of unconditional and endless ?"

Just like so many other words that suddenly have much more
intensity and meaning than just the definition found in
the regular dictionary. I now have acces to the hidden and
secret pages in the dictionary only those "living love"
get to see. Besides regular definitions, all words have a
definition of the heart (= the author).....and every day
I'm taught another word....

I love it, it's beautiful but it is intense....

Did you know you could get high on love? (And I am not
talking about the high defined in the regular
dictionary...but "the hidden-pages-high" THAT is

I'm loving it..........