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2005-05-29 01:33:23 (UTC)

First Saturday in Summer

I mailed the box of hats and booties to the William Beaumont
Army Medical Center in El Paso last week and then I began a
30 day personal challenge. It is to see how many preemie
hats I can knit between May 25th and June 24th. These are
to send to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, where all four
sons of my born. I put photos up of what I sent and I'm
putting photos of the preemie hats I'm knitting now five at
time. They are on my webshots page

We went to Corvallis this morning and got our books at the
library, did the recycling and spent some time with Owen and
Gavin. We were home by early afternoon and, after lunch, we
took a nap. The weather is muggy. I fixed a quick dinner,
finished the laundry, did some housecleaning and knit. Now
it's early evening, the sky is getting darker from clouds
and I can hear thunder so it's probably time to shut down
the computer.