2005-05-29 00:55:51 (UTC)

My Alphabetized Existence/The Letter L

Ladybugs are one of my favorite little
creatures. I know they're bugs but they're cute bugs and
that makes all the difference.

Laundry (see: clothesline)
When I had four little boys laundry was a chore
that never ended. It still seems that way although I don't
do nearly as much laundry as I used to. I don't know why I
complain about it as all I have to do is put the dirty
clothes in one machine with soap and it does all the work
and then put it another machine which dries it. All that's
left for me to do is fold it and put it away.
I like using a clothesline to dry clothes in the
summertime. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to put them
on the line and take them down again and feel the sun on my
back and the wind on my face.

One fall day when Owen was about four he came out to
help me rake the leaves. He stopped for a minute and then
said "I can hear the leaves crying." I told him I thought
perhaps he was hearing the wind in the leaves. He stopped
for a moment and listened and said, "No, that's a different
sound" and went back to raking while I stood there, stunned.

I love lemons. I love their smell and their taste
and their color. Yes, they're sour but it's a good sour.

Lemurs are Owen's favorite animal. If he could
have had any pet in the world he would have had a lemur.
Alas, it was not to be.

Library card, my first (see also: alphabet, learning the)
My Dad got me my first library card when I was
five years old. It was at the main branch of the Los
Angeles Public Library. I loved the little tables and
chairs they had in the children's section. The first books
I checked out were Madeline (the book where she gets
appendicitis) and Barbar the Elephant. They were, of
course, in French as I did not yet know English. I remember
looking at all those books and thinking I could do or be
anything because it was all in books. All I had to do was
learn English and then learn to read in English and it would
all be mine.

Lightening, ball
My brother Marc and I saw ball lightening when I
was four and he was three. We were in my mother's bed
upstairs, awakening from an afternoon nap, and the windows
on each side of the room were open. A ball of lightening
came in one window and then hovered a few feet in front of
us for a few seconds and then went out the other window. I
would have thought it were a dream except that my mother
entered the room carrying my baby brother and screamed when
the lighening ball went out the window.

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. There were
lilac bushes outside my second story bedroom window when I
was growing up and every spring through high school and
college my room would fill with their scent.

I am an inveterate listmaker. I make shopping lists
and to-do lists. I have a list of 100 things I want to do
before I die. I make lists of quilts I want to make and
things I want to see and do.

Lost items
I am very good at finding lost items. This is
probably because I've had a lot of practice. I've learned
to backtrack and I've also used "Now if I were a set of keys
where would I be?" and that works too. Many times I've
found items in places where John has just looked but he
hasn't looked underneath or behind and I have and that's
where the item is hiding.

Love letters
I treasure the small box of handwritten love letters
I have. E-mail has its advantages but it lack the charm of a
letter written on paper from someone you love.

Perhaps I've been more than lucky. I've been truly
blessed in my life and I'm grateful for it.