Autum's Leaves
2005-05-28 21:31:14 (UTC)

Technology and Miscommunication

I read something the other day that said, is all this
new technology really helping us communicate?

I have two instant messeging systems (AIM: for my
friends at school and YIM: for the people I meet on the
net), I have three e-mail addresses, I have two phone
numbers to two houses, and I have a cell phone, yet it
seems this does nothing to aid me in communicating to
other people.

The Boarder, I gave up on. Two unreturned phone calls
and an unreturned IM and I figure he's not interested
anymore. *shrugs* His loss.

Remember that guy who said he was in love with me and
then said he'd found a girl like...three days later? Well,
I was talking to him, really by accident. I had just said
stop IM-ing me all the time and he laughed and kept
talking to me. He's apparently still single and very
unhappy about it. I told him I slept with a guy last
Monday, but hadn't heard back and I figured that was cool.
Fine with me. He immediatly starts going off on a tangent
about what a bad guy this is and what a whore I'm turning
out to be. *thinks* I've slept with three guys...I really
never thought that made me whorish...I mean, if I had
uncountable STD's from all the guys I've fucked (guys
being maybe in the double digits) then I'd consider it,
but as of now, that pissed me off.

I just told him to stop talking to me, that I didn't
need to explain my actions to anyone, especially anyone
that I didn't have a loyalty to. That pissed him off and
as of now, we're not talking. Fine with me.

Tonight we're doing a party for my madre's boyfriend.
He's a cool cat, so it's pretty big.

Oh, school's officially over, so I might actually have
some time to put into writing good articles and not just
what crops up in my mind.

Anyways, I have to get back to not doing anything on
the net and then pre-preparing for the party which goes up
in an hour and a half. I'm excited.

But, oh am I easily excitable.