American Beauty
2005-05-27 17:49:57 (UTC)

Benn A long time since I left you

Well this is a little weird I didn't even remember that I
had this and then I recieved an e-mail sayin that I hadn't
added an entry in almost 3 years so here I am this is my
diary the diary of a mad black woman...hah...only kidding,
I was such a pessimist well not really but i have a better
view on things now...I'm 19 still stuck in this shithole
didn't work out my way i did leave for a week last summer
but what can I say Florida sucks...I'm a college student
and a hot one at that my website wit some pics well go to
yahoo angel13_2000_86 and that's my e-mail too
so ne case there'z
lots but no time have to go registar for summer classes
aiight later


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