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2005-05-27 17:34:03 (UTC)


I went home...AGAIN!

Why am I constantly sick? It's so annoying!

Sian is also annoying me, before I went home we had tech
and me and Sian had a fight, so when I said I felt sick
and I went to reception, she instantly thought it was
because I had a fight with her! Seriously does she think
I'm a whimp? Well here's something you didn't know Sian,
I'M NOT! Oh and also she's copying me! She stole my
randomness! I've always been the really random one out of
my friends but not any more, Sian keeps saying she's the
randomist person ever (Whatever) and she's started biting
people (My thing) and she keeps going on about my story I
made with the Cheese and Dr. Fish! I got my obcesion with
cheese from newent and the fish is just random and she's
just stealing it and going over the top! It'd really
annoying, she's even given herself a part in my story! And
she's telling me what I'm going to write in it!

Ok message to Sian:

Look, the whole random thing doesn't suit you, it's my
thing, so please be who you are not who you're not!

Luv ya'll

Lucy x-x-x