Flying on broken wings
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2005-05-27 17:32:26 (UTC)

John Robert powers

Dear diary,

YAY! I got a scholarship and because of that I am able
to join John Robert powers school system. It's for
Personal Development and Modeling, which means that every
Sat I will go down town and go to school for the next two
years, or until I am picked up by a really big company.
Right now I am working for John Robert Powers, and trying
out for the new TV show that will be coming out
called "Snowfire" it is directed by Tracy Britton. She is
also looking for people for her new movie called "Mixing it
up". I tried out for both of them, and she said I had what
it takes, thus why she gave me the scholarship. I felt so
happy, I was crying. It was so amazing; she said that I
would be a great commercial girl, any type of it. She said
that they would use me in TV and magazines, I am so
happy. There will be a director from big companies that
will come and look at me, and see if I am right for them,
its sooooo cool!... I mean I am a little girl, who is
normally made fun of in school, yelled at for grades, and
pushed to be who I don't want to be. Now here I am, after
being adopted, and finally, I get to be who I really want
to be... do what I really want to do. I am living my own
fairy tale, and I can't help but cry, it's just a wonderful
feeling, I-... should really stop rambling on now. Sorry,
oh and today is May 27, Friday. Tomorrow is my first
class... oh I’m so nerves!

-12:28 PM