Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-05-27 16:34:07 (UTC)


Dearest Master,

The 3 day weekend begins at 5:00 PM today! this slave is
looking forward to a wonderfully exciting and satisfying
weekend. this slave knows that there will be difficult
times, but she trusts and believes in You. You will not
harm this slave; You will only take her to the places where
her fantasy becomes reality and her dreams come true. she
thanks You for the punishments that You will administer upon
her penitent body, and equally thanks You for the the wicked
pleasures You will also be doling out. this slave loves You
and knows what a lucky slave she is.

Last night, You and this slave spent time T/together, and
You got this slave extremely turned on with Your sexy talk
of what will come from O/our weekend. this slave knew that
since she had been allowed to cum on Wednesday night, that
she would not be allowed to cum last night, and most likely
for the entire weekend. It is Your intention to keep this
slave off guard, off balance, and continuously horny to
enhance the experience for B/both of U/us.

this slave did better last night, but she still made a few
mistakes. You left the door open for her when she came
upstairs with the kids, but she did not bring Your water to
You until after she had finished with them. she also made
an error in judgement when she tried to retrieve her slave
collar from the drawer when You were tying up her tits. You
gave her verbal chastisement for both of these errors, but
also told her that she had done much better. this slave
knows that she will receive fair and just punishment for all
of her errors this week, and she appreciates Your love and
willingness to give her the correction she needs. Thank
You, Master.

After spending time T/together and You cumming on this
slave's tummy, W/we spent some time watching tv with You
lying on Your bed and this slave sitting on her floor
pillow. this slave thought maybe she would be sleeping
there, but You decided that You wanted this slave in Your
bed, so that is where she slept. this slave helped stroke
You to another orgasm before W/we fell asleep. Starting
tonight, this slave might be servicing You in Your bed, but
she will definitely be sleeping either on the floor (most
likely) or tied to the lounge. this slave is getting wet
and hot just thinking about what this weekend will bring.

It is lunch time and this slave has lots of work to do
before You get home this afternoon. this slave loves You so
much, Master, and she is Your loving, loyal and devoted