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2005-05-27 16:00:59 (UTC)

Maid of Honor / LondonTRIP

So the weekend before I left for London, I went to see
Jason. This was the night where he was supposed to take me
out... On my way to Dallas he called me and asked me if it
was alright if Trent and Claudia met up with us. I really
didn't mind except I'm really starting to not like Trent.
It's like, Jason does whatever Trent wants and doesn't
really think about me or himself. This was supposed to be
OUR TIME. Anyway, we wait around a little while for Trent
and Claudia and, of corse, when they get to Jason's
apartment Trent starts to talk about how he could be
perfectly happy just chilling at the apartment LIKE WE
ALWAYS DO. I looked way too good to sit around that
apartment... So after much discussion, we decided to go to
Hooters. yaaaaaay....... Such a romantic place to take a
date. Well we walked in, and every guy in the restaurant
was looking at me. I think Jason liked the attention and
put his arm around me protectively as to say "She's mine
guys! You can look, but you can't touch." So after
throwing back a couple of pitchers, I got a little tipsy
and we headed back to Jason's.

This is boring me...

Nothing too exciting happened. We had sex as usual and I
ended up passing out on the couch. I woke up in the
morning to find Jason still awake watching porn and
rubbing his dick with a sock. I felt bad that he hadn't
had the chance to get off yet, so I helped him out. Then
he watched me play with myself for a little while until he
couldn't stand it anymore and fucked the shit out of me.

He told me that he was going to come down for my sister's
wedding and that we could also hang out the weekend after
that for my birthday. We'll see... I talked to him last
night and we kind of got into an argument. He told me that
he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it and I
got a little irritated. Now that I have thought about it a
little, I understand why he would feel a little stressed
about meeting my family. I mean, he doesn't really know
the real ME that well either. I guess we've been "dating"
for about 6 months now, but seeing as how we only have
time to see eachother once a month I would hardly call us
a couple... He said he would give me a definite answer by
the end of the weekend.

Anyway, the weekend I was in Dallas, my sister met up with
me in Mesquite so that we could look for her wedding dress
together. We went to some bridal shop in the mall, and
then to David's Bridal and finally to this shop called
BridesMart where she found her dress. It's gorgeous and
she got it for a great price. We found my bridesmaid dress
a few days later at a used bridal shop here in Tyler. I
think I'm going to be the only bridesmaid since Bekah may
not be able to make it to the wedding.

I am having the bachelorette party for my sister this
weekend and I'm hoping it's going to be a lot of fun. I'm
too broke to get a limo, and definately too broke for a
stripper. hahah Jason joked about doing it, but then he
wanted money. I don't know how good of a stripper he would
be anyway... I mean, he has the body, but I haven't seen
him dance.

My trip to London was sooooo much fun. The night before we
left, we stayed in NY so that we could meet up with My
bosses' daughter, Alice, who goes to school at NYU. We had
dinner at some fancy italian place, and then went to see
some of thier friends perform with a bluegrass band. The
club was located in the back of a restaurant in which we
had to walk through in order to get to the entrance. Very
James-Bond-Ish! Then after that, we went to a bar with the
bad. My boss, Akemi, got so drunk! I didn't drink too much
because I wanted to remember everything, so I thought it
was hilarious. I have never seen her get so drunk
before... We stayed at this hotel called the "Radio City
Apartments" which was an apartment building that had been
re-modeled into a hotel. Not exactly the classiest of
places, but my little tiny room had its own kitchenette as
well as a view that included part of Times Square. I
always get really excited when I'm in Times Square. It
feels like Disneyland!! The coolest view I ever saw of
Times Square was last november when we were there for our
NY conference. We had a dinner party at one of our
Sponsor's offices (big law firm) which was right in Times
Square. I ended up sitting next to one of the partners of
the firm, and he invited us to go up to his office to show
us an even better view. We were so high up, I was looking
down on the middle of Times Square. It was absolutely
amazing!! hahah anyway...

The flight to London from NY wasn't that bad. It was about
6-7 hours. I should have slept on the airplane, but I was
too busy watching movies and listening to music... so I
didn't sleep at all... When we got to London it was about
7am. We got there just in time for the opening of
Parliament, so we decided to walk down to Buckingham
palace and check it out. It was really interesting because
we got to see the whole parade (horses and guards, fancy
black cars, etc.) as it exited the palace gates. We even
got to see the queen! She was in like a carriage which I'm
sure was encased with bullet-proof glass. We had dinner
that night at the best sushi place I have ever been to!! I
tried to stay awake all day so that I would just pass out
at night, but I ended up taking a nap. No doubt I was
still exhausted by the time we got to dinner, but the food
and wine was good so it made me feel better. The next day
we did some work and I did a little shopping around
Piccadilly Circus and Euston Square. We went to a cocktail
party at the Ritz that night and sipped on champagne while
waiters in tuxedos brought around trays of extravagant
hors d'euvres. There was a rumor that Cherry Blair (Tony
Blair's wife) was in the hotel and had stopped in at the
party to say hello to someone! The next day was the first
day of the conference, and it nearly killed me. I had to
excuse myself early from lunch in fear that I would pass
out right there at the lunch table. Akemi let me go up to
my room to take a nap before the wine tasting reception at

I just realized that this play-by-play must be extremely
boring. Okay, to sum it all up, I went to the wine tasting
reception, got hit on by some jerk who then joked with one
of my associates that I had gone up to his room the night
before and knocked on his door and refused to leave until
he would see me (which, of corse, was completely false).
We had a dinner for all of our speakers at some fancy
place across from the famous "Burlington Arcade", and I
ended up dropping a melon on a frenchman's sleeve. By this
time I had had a few glasses of wine as well as a bellini
or two... After dinner, they made us switch seats (the
sponsor wanted everyone to get to know eachother), so I
got stuck between a German and an Englishman sipping
espresso and poking at little deserts not having a clue
half the time about what they were talking about. I of
corse, pretended I knew what I was talking about and I'm
sure they thought I was completely retarded. hahaha oh
well... These people are like 40 and I was ready to chill
with some people my own age.

I had half a day of work the next day, then I took the
underground to the train station at Waterloo and took a
train to an outer area of London called Kingston where I
met up with my friend Dee. We met up with his friend Alex
and had sushi then went to the grocery store to buy beer &
liquor. While we were shopping for liquor, we spotted a
bottle of Absinthe and HAD to buy it. Dee was born in
London, but moved to Houston many years ago, and has been
living in London since last August, so he never had the
chance to try Absinthe before. As you know, Absinthe is
illegal in the US. Alex's parents were in Africa so we
decided to have a house party at his place. OMG it was so
crazy. I taught them all how to play "ring of fire" and we
all got really drunk. I don't want to give away all the
details, but I ended up making out with this english girl,
Rachel. After that we decided to take shots of the
Absinthe, and I don't remember anything past that point.
Apparently I passed out on the couch with Alex while Dee
was outside talking to some chick named Mel who he used to
date. She was upset because Dee and I were all over
eachother. Dee said that he came in and stole me away. I
guess we had sex because when I woke up the next morning,
I was naked and laying right next to Dee, who for some
reason had all of his clothes ON!

I spent the rest of the day resting, and then met up with
them all later that night. We went to a bar and then went
to a club and had fun until two of the guys started
fighting and we had to leave. We all went back to Alex's
for a while and then there was more drama, so I took a cab
back to my hotel in central London. It's so crazy how they
drive on the wrong side of the street. Alex let me ride
shot-gun in his car when we went grocery shopping and it
was so weird sitting on the driver's side of the car as a

I headed to the airport early the next morning with David,
Akemi and Alice. They were going to Madrid, and I was
coming back home. My journey home was awful! I arrived a
few minutes late in Chicago, which wasn't that big of a
deal, but my flight from Chicago to Dallas ended up
getting delayed 2 hours!! So once I got to DFW, I had JUST
missed my flight back to Tyler. Unfortunately, that was
the last flight of the day, so I had to overnight in
Dallas. The airline paid for the room, so that was all
taken care of, but I didn't have any clothes or a
toothbrush or anything because I wasn't going to see my
suitcase again until I got to Tyler. I was put on the
first flight back, which was at 7:45am, so I had to be up
at 5:15 in order to be ready to catch the 6:00 shuttle
back to the airport. Oh well... These things happen.
Really pissed me off though!!

So that was my fun trip to London. I definately need a
vacation now... My mom will be arriving tomorrow and
she'll be here until June 10 (the day before my freakken
birthday!!). It will be nice having her around. I think
she's going to stay with Susie. She and Bobby are finally
getting settled into their new house. I'm so jealous! They
really have a nice house. And Theoren is starting to walk!
Of corse he is still a chunk... Susie gives him food
whenever he's upset to make him shut up LOL. She said that
once he gets more teeth, then he's going on a diet. Right
now he has two little teeth on his bottom gums. He is
absolutely adorable!! I hope to have kids one day... Just
not until I'm at least 26... that's another 4 years

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