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2005-05-27 15:56:50 (UTC)

What Love Means

What Love Means

You love me like no one else does or can or ever will
A kind of love I’ve never had before
You’ve showed me that there’s something more
To life, it’s not just money and riches out there
There’s people who truly love you
But there is people who lie
You’ve showed my what the real world is about
Something quite different then what
I had thought it would be
With you there’s nothing I can’t do it seems
I feel so free, free as a bird
But I go back to the real world
And I’m locked in my cage
Where I am told what to do
Where I am not free
Where my spirit doesn’t get to fly
Where there’s no you
But soon I’ll be back
We can be free
And fly away
Where we can be free all the time
And never come back to this place.

Jan 7th year unknown

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