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2005-05-27 15:36:20 (UTC)

FLY AWAY---poem


Sometimes I wish
I could leave this word
Fly away to somewhere
Somewhere, where there is no death,
Pain sorrow, guilt, lies, and tears
Just the people I care about
And a perfect world
Life would be better
No endless rollarcoasters
No people you don’t like
Freedom to feel, and think
Whatever you want
Music plays all day
Days spent at the beach
Nights too
Sunsets that are like rainbows
That stretch over the skys
And last for hours
The moon is bright
And makes the water glisten
When you get home
And climb into bed
You think about good things
Instead of bad
Then before you know it
The sun rises
With golden rays of sunshine
Another cool summer day
Of outside fun
Doing whatever you want
If only I could fly to this place
To that world
I just want to fly
Fly away
Fly away
And never come back.

Dec 16th year unknown

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