Confessions of a troubled pre-teen
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2005-05-27 06:36:55 (UTC)

Skool Sux

Micky is such a traitor. How can u be totally pissed at 2
ppl, hate them, tell their secrets and bag them to the max
and then forget it all happened and ditch your other
friends? I hate users they are one of the lowest forms

My friend is so frigid her bf wants to kiss her but she is
2 embarrassed,he has plans though. LoL

I don't know if there is much else to write skool sux as
usual ppl r bitchy nasty and mean, but I still have the
most aewsume friends. Oh and bec sent an email around bout
a girl killing herself ( chain email.) Her mum was against
it and made her write an apology. Does she not get the
importance of learning about things like this and that
being overprotective is no gud?

tgif Georgia xoxo