Lost...In Life...In Love...In This World
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2005-05-27 01:29:08 (UTC)

Another Life Taken

I see her lying,
On the ground ,
Life’s blood spilled,
All around…

I didn’t know,
It would lead to this,
One pill taken,
One life missed…

It began so innocent,
It seemed fun at the time,
All my friends took one,
So I took mine…

And now I’m above her,
Watching her slowly slip away,
For my night of fun,
Someone else had to pay…

The cars lights cast an eerie glow,
On the still face of my victim,
Eyes open and staring into eternity,
The expression on her face is not written…

I hear her heart beat fading away,
So faint and small and weak,
And I know very well that her family,
Wont find the rest they seek…

I knew the person on the ground,
I knew she wanted to be free,
And I know that she will find no peace,
Because she was me…

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