Autum's Leaves
2005-05-27 00:24:37 (UTC)

The Age of Innocence Is Over

Life is hectic, and I'm at least going to write about
some of it to take up time to get to a later problem.

So...let me think, all the way back to...Saturday.

Saturday: Cat's party. Her mom and her and all the rest
of us were graduating school so they threw a big party.
She brought her gay friend over, who was gorgeous, and
very funny, and we all escaped later to get some coffee,
which was really nice. Afterwards, I stayed at her house
and I drank some beer and she drank some wine. We got
pretty tipsy and she called this guy that liked her, and
she just wanted some booty or whatnot. I wasn't happy
because this guy honestly does really care for her and I
didn't want her to hurt him. I told her, she went to meet
him at one in the morning, came back around five, we got
up at eight. She had LOTS of hickey's on her neck, so...I
just didn't ask about it really.

*thinks* I took the day off Sunday.

MONDAY!!!! Was the straightest day I've had in FOREVER.
I go to school and come home, get on the computer and
there's this guy on that I've been trying to get ahold of
for awhile. It was like...five in the afternoon, so I go
over to his place to meet him. We talked for about...two
hours about a lot of stuff and then my friend calls
wanting to watch some Sex in the City. I get ready to
leave and he gives me a hug, we kiss...we kiss some more,
I pull away and say I have to go, and that's cheating. He
pushes me up against the door and make out some more. Ugh,
oh yeah. It was good. I leave, watch some SITC, and SHAVE,
yes, I shaved my pussy for this guy. I go back to his
house and take a shower, pretty much wash my hair while he
shaved and just stare at each other for awhile. I say I'm
done and we end up making out, very passionately I might
add, in the shower. It was hot. I get out and dry off, he
gets out a little later and we have some very very hot and
wonderful sex. Oh yes, it was very fucking good.
Like...five different positions I'd never been in before,
and just...a guy who got so into it, who got me so into
it, I got lost and it was awesome. *sigh*

Tuesday: Went to the Zoo, began my recouperation period
from the sex and the shaving...I'll never get used to the

Wednesday: Went to school and talked to my friends
about the guy, whose so awesome I can't comprehend it
really. Came home, called him, since he told me to call
him Tuesday, but I really didn't have time. Played phone
tag for a long time, finally got to his house while he was
there and his friend called and there was some sort of
shit going on, so I had to leave. He said he'd call me
back, but he hasn't yet. So, should I call him? or not?
I'm on my period and I'm not really sure if he'll have sex
with me or not. I'm also working now, so I don't know
about how much time I'm going to have.

Got a job at the country club, well one of them, here.
It's alright, just as long as I can have stuff to do. I
work better when I have things to do.

Alright, I'm going to give him a call, if he can't
chill that's fine, I just kinda want to tell him that I'm
still interested in him, and I'd like to keep meeting up,
if he's still interested.

Whatever. Going to watch Shawn of the Dead, and just
take it easy. Work was icky today.