Daily Journal
2005-05-26 22:06:15 (UTC)

May 26th

Hello my Master,
Well lets see, so far this has been a pretty
uneventful day. I slept in late and then got up and had
some lunch and then took a shower. Then after that I
cleaned my room and then watched some of the DVD of the
Miss Bartram pageant with my sister and a friend of hers.
Then I read some of the new book that I bought and now I
just finished spending some time researching Spanish
architecture for my senior project. Jon and I are
supposed to go down to St. Augustine tomorrow to take
pictures. Other than that all that's really going is that
my mom is screaming again, this time at my dad. I hate
her so much, and I'm not just saying that. I really do
hate her. She's rediculous, she yells at everyone about
everything, no one can ever make her happy, no one's ever
good enough. She's never just in a good mood, everything
anyone ever does pisses her off. But anyway, I don't
really want to talk about it, it's nothing new. I'll just
go on hating her until I can get out of this house and go
to college. In about an hour I'm leaving to go get Alyssa
and we're going to go see House of Wax. Hopefully it's
good, I've heard mixed opinions about it. Well even if it
ends up not being that great at least I'm getting out of
the house for the evening. The movie is at 7:40 so I
should be home no later than 11. After that I'll probably
read my new book, since I'm really into it now, until you
get home from work. I probably shouldnt stay up too late
tonight since I have to get up and drive down to St.
Augustine with Jon, but we're not going too early so it's
not a huge deal. Well that's about it. I need to go get
ready so I can go to the movie. I've got to put some
makeup on and get dressed, I'm sitting around the house in
a baggy t-shirt and sophies (little cotton shorts).
Hopefully I'll see you later tonight my Master. I love
you so much.


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