Life - so complicated
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2005-05-26 21:52:12 (UTC)

Hmm, changes and toilets

See, before I was practically flushing my life down the
toilet. But now. Now I'm ok again. I've done some revision
and feel slightly more knowledgable.
I'm talking to David again for the third time today, he
really is a good mate :-) however he does not love me and
therefore never will so I need to aim at something more
Hmm I'm liking the 'able' words tonight aren't I? So
I'm feeling better about things, slightly worried about my
exams, especially english as I do want to do well in that.
I've given up with Geography and I haven't even turned up
for my Psychology ones - actually come to think of it I
practically have flushed my life down the toilet...

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