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2005-05-26 21:35:11 (UTC)

im kinda mad

2day i felt so weird. i woke up early got 2 school 10
minutes early. and all my classes seemed 2 go by fast. im
kinda mad a catt thought.. everytime i tried 2 talk to her
she would just ignor me or walk away. and we normally talk
before 9th period at the window. but instead she walked
with zak .. as i was going 2 bio. she was headin back for
algrebra.. what pisses me off is she look dead into my
eyes and just bowed her head down and continued 2 walk
with zak.. she said she didnt see me. then at the end of
the day i normally walk her 2 her bus.. but she pissed me
off walkin off with zak again so i just gave her the bird
and left i was like fuck this shit. and left.....

i just got off the phone with her she said it wasnt
intentional.. so ill get over it .. but just imagine
trying 2 talk you someone and they just ignor you or walk
away.. or just picture walkin by your b/f or g/f makin
dead eye contact and them continue walkin with another guy
or girl.. if you can imagine that then maybe you'll
understand why i was so pissed off.

and i dont really wanna be mad.. i notice ive had alot of
stress on my shoulder latly. with the fuckin 891 point bio
project, to my grandpa geting ready 2 pass on . to my
move. and tring 2 keep everybody happy in between it gets
me stressed out so then i tend to go off more easily...

okays well im gunna try 2 just let it go!! ttyl

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