Hollow Years
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2005-05-26 21:31:46 (UTC)

Theres no more trying to make this so right Theres no more trying tonight

I sent simon that song before and blocked him

right ill get on with life lol

i cant doooo this re :(:( i keep putting it off ive had a
shower took ages straightening my hair had family time
lol :P anything but revision.

I wonder how everyone else is gettin on :( it's so not fair
im gonna fail and no body cares!!! lol

Anyway yeah..

(8) your connected to the heart but tonight we'll set you
free (8)

(8) i was so glad to meet you but now you're gone (8)

Lol this person msged me on faceparty i dont like his eye
brows lmao muwhahaha

Song: Inme - receipt for life
Mood: fine i suppose

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