Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-05-26 15:20:30 (UTC)

slave screw-ups

Dearest Master,

What a beautiful morning! And after last night, this slave
is on top of the world.

First, this slave did make a few mistakes last night, for
which she knows she will be punished this weekend. When she
came upstairs to join You, she brought up a laundry basket
with her. she always sings, prays and tucks in the kids
before joining You, but she decided to drop off the laundry
basket first. Since You keep Your bedroom door locked, this
caused You to have to jump up to let me in. Then, this
slave did her motherly duties, and came back to Your room.
Once again, You had to get up to let her in. You asked her
if she had brought water for herself and for You, which she
had not. You sent her back downstairs, but she neglected to
ask You for permission to use the bathroom. When she
brought the water back upstairs, she asked for permission to
go. You were pretty ticked off by this point, so when this
slave came back upstairs for the 4th time, You gave her a
verbal chastising for making You get up and down 4 times to
let her into Your room. You let it drop, but this slave
knows that her transgression is not forgotten.

this slave then stripped for You, put her hair into pony
tails and presented herself to You.

"Did I ask you to take your bra off?" You asked.

"No, Master," this slave replied.

The 2nd night in a row, this slave has made this same
mistake. she knows what that means. Chalk up another

this slave put her bra back on, and came back to present
herself to You. You pulled her tits out of her bra and
began to suck at her nipples. this slave stroked Your head
and neck with one hand, and held her tit in her other hand,
while You alternated between the left and right breast.

Next, You told this slave to bend over for inspection. The
bruises are fading, but are still quite visible on this
slave's upper thigh. There is no longer any pain when this
slave shifts or moves, and she really misses it. this
weekend will be a great relief.

You turned this slave around, and pointed out to her that
she had neglected to have her slave collar put on both last
night and tonight. You are proud to call her slave and she
is proud to belong to You. she should always remember to
present her collar to You for O/our time T/together. One
more punishment.

At that point, You had this slave prepare her chair so she
could sit with You as You surfed. While this slave was
fixing her chair, twice she bumped into Your knee. And
again, she racks up another punishment. Actually two - one
for each bump.

You had this slave sit down for a few minutes, and then
decided that, instead of a bra with her tits hanging out,
this slave needed to have her tits tied. You instructed her
to get her dog collar and rope, which she did. As she knelt
in front of You, she draped the collar across Your thigh.

"bliss, am I a coat hanger?!" You asked me, rather agitated.

"No, Master, this slave is sorry." this slave replied.

Great, this slave just earned another punishment. If this
slave is not careful, this slave will be more about
punishment than pleasure.

After tying this slave's tits, You had her hold Your cock
with one hand, and one of her tits with the other, and
stroke her nipple against Your sensitive cock. This she was
able to do without a hitch. Please, don't screw up again,
this slave chastised herself.

You then instructed this slave to grab a pillow and lie back
on Your bed. this slave laid back, spread her legs wide,
and welcomed Your cock as it stroked against her cunt. You
began to speak to her of the things You would be doing to
her body this weekend: caning her butt and tits, binding
her to the chaise lounge in Your room, f***ing her mouth and
a**hole, basically using her for Your pleasure. this
slave's cunt began to drip, oozing her excitement onto Your

"Dismount!" You instructed, and this slave complied.

You moved back to Your chair, while this slave stayed put,
standing by Your bed.

"Come here," You commanded.

this slave started toward You, then stepped back and
retrieved her pillow. Oops. this slave just made another
mistake. Crap.

"bliss, when I tell you to come here, I mean come here. I
did not tell you to bring your pillow."

You knew this slave was excited and really wanted to be able
to touch herself, but she had certainly given You no
incentive to allow her to have such pleasure. Fortunately
for this slave, You have an extremely good nature, and You
love to watch this slave jack herself off, so You allowed
her to replace her pillow onto the chair, sit down, and play
with herself for Your enjoyment.

As W/we both played with O/ourselves, W/we began to speak of
a story that You wish for me to write. As W/we spoke, You
kept stopping this slave from playing with her clit, and
then letting her start again. she kept pleading with her
eyes, each time You made her stop. she wanted to cum so
badly, and finally summed up the courage to let You know of
her desires.

You smiled and said You knew she wanted to cum. You asked
if she was ready, and she admitted she was. "Cum with Me!"
You commanded, as You stood in front of her, jacking off
with one hand and grabbing this slave's tit with the other.
this slave stroked her clit with her right hand and gently
rubbed Your balls with her left. W/we kept talking about
O/our story and O/our weekend, and came T/together in a mind
blowing, earth shattering, over-the-top orgasm.

While in bed T/together this morning, You also jacked
Yourself off once again, while this slave stroked Your
balls. Very satisfying for B/both of U/us.

Thank You so much, Master. this slave loved cumming for
You, and she thanks You so much for allowing her this
pleasure even though she certainly did not deserve it. she
knows that her transgressions will be dealt with this
weekend, but she also hopes that she has not made such
greivous errors as to now allow this weekend to be more
about pleasure than punishment. this slave is very, very,
very sorry for her misdeeds.

this slave must sign off for now. she hopes that You have
enjoyed reading this entry. this slave will always be Your
loving, loyal and devoted slave-pet,


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