Short Stories
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2005-05-26 11:24:55 (UTC)

The Darkness In The Deep ... Page 1 / ?

The internal lights flickered with every bump the bus
encountered. It strolled slowly, yet surely across a lonely
stretch of unevenly paved asphalt. With every few yards
gained across that lonely expanse of roadway, the bus came
closer to her destination. That being Maseda, Arizona.
The passengers were for the most part, asleep. The bus
having already completed several hours of non-stop travel
from a terminal, had a few more hours yet to reach her
destination. The whole experience was nothing more than like
being stuck in an elevator with twenty-three other people
you did not know. Only, the other twenty-three other
individuals were asleep.
All but one. Charlie, found himself unable to fall
asleep on the long, lazy and uneventful bus ride. His mind,
kept wandering. Struggling. Reliving events that had
happened for what seemed ages ago. Memories, he had thought
he had buried with the avalanche of time. Every
unidentifiable shape he saw out his window, in the dark
desert only reminded him of another memory he so desperately
wished to extinguish. The pain, was killing him. Slowly.
He tried all manner of things to shift his thoughts onto
something else. Something more ... pleasant. Charlie turned,
to look at the other sleeping passengers.
Yet there they were. Just like the twenty-three other
people with whom he had not voluntarily chose to ride,
Charlie found himself trapped with things ... memories, he
wished he had forgotten.
Charlie looked out the window once again, at the
shapeless objects racing past the window. "It was so long
ago ..."


"Your inability to control yourself, is killing you."
Annoyed and a bit flabbergasted, Charlie turned to
respond to comment.
"I don't need your help, old man, I am capable of
handling this on my own."
The senior figure remained silent, observant. This
dialogue seemed all too familiar.
"I don't need this", added Charlie, angrily. "I don't
need you or your lectures. Your life lessons, your
sympathy." Charlie turned to stare at the wall, of the
sparsely decorated, minimalist classroom. Angrily observing
the wall. There wasn't really much to look at, actually.
Yet, Charlie found something as he waited for his teacher's
"I am not trying to demean you with sympathy, Charlie.
But you are slipping farther away. I see you lose a little
more, everyday." He paused a moment, looking in Charlie's
direction before continuing. "You are, one of my better
students. It pains me to see yourself squander your
potential like this. You are like a son to me, Charlie.
Sometimes I fear, what will become of you."
Charlie softened. His teacher, was only trying to help.
Charlie knew that, of course. But the pain ... the hurt.
Yes. His teacher, was also right. Charlie was losing
control. He could not assert emotional command the way he
was able to in the past. It was, as his teacher said,
killing him.
"I ..." Charlie responded, lamely. Uncertain of what to say.
"... What is her name, Charlie?"
Charlie froze.

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