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2005-05-26 03:40:08 (UTC)


•Wednesday May 25th, 2005•

Its 11:11 right now. I dont know what to wish for. Ill
think of something.

Today was okay. School was a drag, but meh, when isnt
it? Lacey was acting kind of weird..im kind of worried
about her. And i still love her, of course i do, but
neither her or April likee ach other much right now. And
its saddening because im stuck in the middle...well kinda
because Lacey doesnt really hang out with us anymore
anyways. Oh well. =(

This evening was fun though =) I went to Aprils church
with her to help out. On the way there her parents got us
Ice Caps (yummm) and it was good. When we got there, there
was literally like three old people. Thats it lmao. We had
to cut string, and use hotguns to glue it onto the cut out
butterflies....flutterflies. lol. April was like..going so
fast she was like almost done lol. Im so clumsy its not
even funny. Except it is cuz i laugh at myself. I like,
glued the string on but then it kept falling off so i held
it there and got glue on my fingers and almost glued them
together, so i tried to get it off but then then paper got
stuck to me as well and ahh. it was frusterating! Now im
pretty sure April thinks im retarded lol, but i guess she
knew that before =P It was fun though. We got to talk, and
be creative at the same time! haha yessss. I wanna do it
again next week, just because i get to spend time with her!

Im listening to Dashboard right now..

♫My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury,
or wear as jewelry♫

..........♫My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill
me..so wont you kill me? So i die happy♫...........

I have a Geograhy trip tomorrow. Hiking. woo0t wo0t. :|
How i LOVE walking lol. oh well it should be fun.
hopefully i get in a group with Miss April, but i dont
think it would happen. Just cuz its us lol. =( ahhh a
whole DAY with Aaron and Zack! What is the world coming

Ohh yeah lol. Josh kinda sorta read this thing..and i
was so embarassed. lol. At least he doesnt think im a
total like...loserface =P I was talking to him on msn
tonight. Its so hard to keep a conversation going now.
Well its not when we talk about..'stuff' but thats not
often because its either too embarassing to bring up..or i
think he wont wanna talk about it at all. And sometimes it
feels like he doesnt want to talk to me at all. He says he
does but...ahh! lol. =S idk..it feels like hes too busy
talking to other cooler people..or im annoying him..or the
convo just keeps dying altogether! lol. And it sucks. He
used to be my best friend.

Aw im so happy Nikki and Megan are talking to me again.
Well, Megan is. I spent lunch with her and we talked.
Thankfully she still loves me. I didnt really get to talk
to Nikki though, because after school i was in a really
bad mood and went straight inside. Stupid Zack and Aaron.
Theyre in my geo and tech class, and they were bugging me
extra today. Aarons usually not that bad. But GAH! SO

Anways, im going to bed. Im tired finally lol.


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