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2005-05-26 03:12:32 (UTC)

When I'm With You

When I'm with you, the time we spend together is so
amazing. When I'm with you, it brightens my day. I know
that deep down I love you, but yet I know that we can aonly
be friends at this moment in time. I didnt realize at
first how much I cared about you, until we started hanging
out alot. Now I can see what my life would be like if I
was with the right person for me. I know I shouldnt say
this, I know it only makes things harder for both of us.
But I feel I should let you know then me keeping it inside
making it that much harder for me. You make me laugh, you
make me smile, all at the same time, we make each other
feel comfortable. I just never realized any of this could
happen like this all at once, I never imagined that one
time I could tell you how much I felt about you. And I do,
I care so much about you, I think about you all the time.
The other night at my house, I felt that we were as close
as we've ever been. I dont that wasnt the only time. I
mean there were plenty of times, like the one day at your
house after your cousin left. I dont know how you feel, I
know that your not the only one thinking and trying to come
up with a decision. But just know that I do truly care
about you. But for now I must go and think.

Joshua Ryan

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