Soul Flares
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2005-05-25 23:28:20 (UTC)

Anger Is My Enemy

Today I got so angery, and I don't know why. I was just
staring at the back of Cori's head and I could see myself
bashing her head in . . . it was so creapy. I hated myself
for thinking it. The idea of wanting to kill my best friend
so violently was scary, not to mention she hadn't done
anything to provoke it. I just wanted to. It really scared
me, how much hate I could feel for someone I care about so
much. The whole thing really scared me, I mean how could I
even think those things, I mean, she's my BEST FRIEND. It's
makes me wonder, how far could I go in real life . . . what
would be enough to set me off? Why am I like this why must I
be my biggest enemy?

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