I drink Alone
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2005-05-25 22:03:19 (UTC)

Bittersweet Symphany

At the store today I saw the most beautiful little girl.
Long black hair in a lopsided pony-tail off the side of her
head, a dirty naked babydoll almost as big as she was
a straw hanging out of her mouth because she didn't want to
risk dropping her baby by carrying it with only one hand.
Seeing children like that, that look like my own
might..Makes me excited at the thought of having my own.
It makes all the scary moments seem to shrink.

Funeral today for a Mother I used to go to church with.
She was young and beautiful, a butterfly tat on her left
shoulder that she loved to show off. We used to talk about
tats together and music.
She had 3 children, I used to watch the two little girls.
Aiyanna and Leticia. Recently she was going through a
separation but she was getting the girls. They hated their
Father for reasons unknown but adored Christiana.
Last weekend she was killed in a motorcycle accident.
The thought of her lying injured somewhere is very painful.
She was so nice to everyone she knew, she loved her baby
girls and son to pieces.
The thought of someone so young and NEEDED lying in a box
was horrible. She was so pretty and she still looked that
way..her injuries not showing at her viewing. Her husband
who had left her with the 3 kids and moved in with another
woman was there, but in the back. Like someone who knew they
weren't wanted. His presence was expected but not very
welcome. I'm sure he didn't want for something like this to
happen, but he was always so nasty.
I didn't know her very well but I'll miss her.
She was a wonderful person and it's hard to see why
something like this would happen.
Leaving her children to the Father who they are scared of.
It's all so sad.

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