My So Called Life
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2005-05-25 19:13:58 (UTC)

Poem # ???

I was on a diff site and I saw a poem someone had written
and asked permission to put it up on the site and they
allowed me. It kinda describes everything between TJ and I..

I'm picking up the knife again,
I'm sorta sad to announce,
This is the end.
When I get back up there again,
I'll be gone,
Gone for so long.
Cause I've been hoping that,
I'll be up there.
And while I stand around,
You'll be somewhere.
Then you'll be there,
Holding my hand tight.
And you'll be telling me,
That it'll be alright.
But I can't stay now,
I'm kinda wondering how,
How to act when I see you again,
I'll hug you,
Then ask how you've been.
I'll look into you your eyes,
And then I'll start to cry,
But I'll take a chance on our love again,
Then I'll finally know,
It's not really the end.
I'll live a happy life with you,
And if our love it truely true,
Nothing will matter much anymore,
Because once again..
I'll be with you.