Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-05-25 15:56:52 (UTC)

Missing You

Dearest Master,

It is a beautiful day, and the temps are warming up. this
slave just wishes that the Spring weather could be sustained
for a while! The kids hope for the same thing now that
school is done.

You and this slave have begun to focus more on O/our diet
and exercise. W/we took a walk T/together the night before
last, but did not get to last night because of the ball
game. There is another game tonight, but maybe W/we will
still get to go. this slave is also going to try to do some
exercising on her own, now that she is not teaching. If You
approve, she might take some time each day or every other
day to take advantage of the free club membership she
received. this slave knows that is entirely up to You, and
she will make no plans until You have given her permission.

Last night You and this slave spent a little bit of time
T/together. You sucked this slave's nipples while she stood
beside You and massaged Your neck, and You also had this
slave bend over in front of You so You could inspect the
condition of her bruises. W/we ended up in bed T/together,
where W/we talked of O/our plans for the weekend and for the
time, hopefully in the not so distant future, when W/we will
get to go away T/together for a weekend of alone time. This
prospect strikes exciting anticipation in the heart, mind,
and pussy of this slave. she knows that the rod, paddle,
flogger, whip and crop will all be used, and will be used
without holding back. she knows she will end up with welts
and bruises on her flesh. she knows that there will be
forced humiliation. she knows that she will be constantly
at Your service, available to You in all ways. she knows,
regardless of whether or not she is allowed to cum, it will
be the most satisfying time of her life. These are things
she wants, things she has asked for, things that You love
her enough to give to her. You are a wonderful and awesome
Master, and this slave is so lucky that You found her and
made her Yours. this slave loves You so much.

This morning, while still lying in bed T/together, You
positioned Yourself around on the bed so that this slave
could put Your cock into her mouth so You could f*** this
slave's mouth. this slave loves sucking Your cock, and she
is always pleased when You use her in this way. After
sucking for a few minutes, You pulled out and this slave
licked Your balls till You came. Then W/we snuggled
T/together until W/we absolutely had to get up. That is the
hardest time of the day. It just feels so good to be
allowed to lay beside You in Your bed, serving You, loving
You, feeling Your hands as they roam over my body... this
slave misses You so much.

this slave must sign off for now. she is working on a
project for You and the kids are wanted lunch. this slave
loves You so much, and she is Your loving, loyal and devoted