Hollow Years
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2005-05-25 14:22:39 (UTC)

You are dying in me I love you, I hate you, I miss you

Had my english exam today it went okay i think i cba
talking about it really. Got my tech tomorrow and im
extremely scared really :(:(. i want this week to be other.

On friday im in on my own and i think ppl are coming round
SAturday im going out then sleeping leahs with emma :)
Sunday i think where going leahs to get drunk but im not

then the week yeha im just doing nothing...Sleeping
probably lol

My back is hurting me and ive got a cold :( wah wah!

Oh yeah i couldnt sleep last night and i only ended up
being able to get sleep at 4:30 im shattered!!

Yeah well thats about it not done much today just got back
from emmas talk later..

(8) everyones told you over and over again you're making
the biggest mistake of your life (8)

Song: ill nino - what comes around
Mood: rather bleak :P