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2005-05-25 08:09:37 (UTC)

I'm so sorry

If i love you so much,
Why cant i let you in,
If i love you so much,
Why do i still feel pain,
If i love you so much,
Why am i so scared to get hurt,
Even when i no u love me so much,
If i love you so much,
Why do i feel the way i do,
When im so luckie to have someone like you,
Even after the hell i put you through,
You still stood beside me,
Babi i luv you,
And i truly thank you,
I no it may not seem like it now,
But hunni you mean the world to me,
I want you to be here for years to come,
Member the nite,
When i was in your arms,
Staring at the stars,
And everything seemed so right,
But now cause of me were in a big ass fight,
I'm sorry i caused all this pain,
And right now i'm only to blame,
When you forgive me,
If you ever do,
Always remember i love you.

-Cassie wilkins-

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