Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-05-25 05:51:19 (UTC)


I have nothing to say. Nothing to do. But I have all the
time in the world. To sit and talk. Im sick of people,
people like Leah. I read her journal on gaia. Im
disgusted. She thinks her life is bad? Oh wow your
family doesnt like alex, Brandons parents hate me.
Besided she only likes guys at face value. Im sick of her
shit. She says she wants to die because she cant
decide between guys. Okay one likes ya, the other
doesnt. That aint even a problem. Go complain to the
wall because im sick of it. Hell your mom supports you
on having sex as long as your protected. My mom
would rather see me hang. im sick of everything,
hearing people keep telling me I shouldnt be going out
with Brandon, why? Because im happy with him? SHUT
THE FUCK UP!!! my family doesnt even know me, my
mom told the sychiatrist that she wants to see the
happy me. Was I ever happy? I remember the so called
'happy' days. It was all a mask. Im glad it worked, but im
not gonna just go back just to make you feel happier.
Hell I wanna see you burn in fuckin hell.

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