Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2005-05-25 03:33:50 (UTC)

recording and making strides

so it's a time for 1sts and then also a time for repeated behavior
for instance
I had the 1st time i have had anything stolen
which BTW is all taken care of and all ok now
but for the um-teenth millionth time shaunna's computer is having problems
it has some virus called "spyware-no"
i am right now spending my 1st night in KS (i think) and going to be having
my 1st time doing vocal arrangement/coaching for my friends Rookie Of The
Years Album
But I had anxiety again today and this past weekend 1st cause of things
getting stolen and me being afriad to go anywhere or see anyone
and today it happened cause of the crowd at the airports and the fact that
this was my 1st time on a plane by myself (i had no clue what to do or where
to go)
I went to the braves Game on Monday with my friend Robin and my dad saw
me at home on TV and half my face was on the jumbo tron (big screen)
and Matt2 has started helping me on lyrics for my album
i wrote out the lyrics i had, the ides I had and gave him a cd with the demos
of the songs and we will reconviene soon to work out the kinks and get
something hammered down
and I start recording wth my friend Jeremiah in a week and half
I think thats about it in my life
movie: a documentary on Cleopatra (the most expensive movie of all time)
CD: The best of Nat King Cole (his voice is amazing and I am falling in love all
over again)
Book: the 3rd lemmony snickett book