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2005-05-25 11:08:43 (UTC)

thought I mentioned it

hi sweet slave jessica,
I just got your page, love when you page me.

I had mentioned before that I needed to be out by end of
the month, so this is last weekend to move items, things
left are fish tank (never easy to move) and some heavy
engine blocks and motors stored in my garage.

Process has been slowed by rain and help as friends &
trucks are available.
Understand having lived there for 6 years and having 41
years to accumalate stuff and doing much of move myself and
my friends as they have been huge help.

Happy I guess as new place seeming more like home, was
stressed and not very happy when sending offlines.
again issues with emails and chats and wish we could talk
more on phone, would love to be able to call at work even
if vanilla only as needed and for short time.

I know this is hard, thought I have been clear on end of
month and last few items (kitchenstuff & pc too too).

I love you, hope you can hang inthere and please me by
doing so and using emails which you have not used much.
yes the hotmail address.

talk when I can, I do love you so much.
Master Joel

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