beautifuly broken
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2005-05-24 20:07:04 (UTC)

dear dad

to me your are nothing,
not even worth hate,
it's my life without you,
that i now await,
you always kept pushing,
and pushing so hard,
its not my skin youv'e cut deep,
only my heart.
You were meant to guide me,
and take me through life,
teach me right from wrong,
help me see the light,
when i was in darkness,
and scared of the truth,
but you never looked at me
you just looked straight through.
You left us in the cold,
when things got rough,
when it was you i was counting on,
to stay and be tough,
because thats your job,
its what you signed up for,
you shouldn't have had children,
with one foot out the door.
So now i want nothing,
thats connected with you,
you caused so much suffering,
it's time to be true,
and say what iv wanted to say for so long,
that you haven't destroyed me,
im still going strong.
my wounds are now healing,
my head is clear,
from the man i was afraid of,
i have no fear.
I just hope that little emma
can think the same way,
because if you've messed her up,
they'l be hell to pay.
My final words im leaving with you,
i dont care what you say,
i dont care what you do,
From this moment on,
i leave you behind,
my pain wont live on,
and happines ill find.
thank you for making me who i am today