beautifuly broken
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2005-05-24 20:04:26 (UTC)

if i dont get the chance 2 say it...i love u

When tomorrow doesn't arrive,
Tell me what you plan to do,
If something happened and you died,
How would people remember you...
If the sun faded in the sky,
never to rise again,
would days of pain go by and by?
or would He forget your sins?
Would your family know you loved them,
or would they just remember hate,
would they arrive on time to say good-bye
or would they be running a little late?
would your siblings know your sorry,
for all the teasings and tears,
or is that all they would remember,
never to forget throughout the years
but just in case this happens,
remember what i do,
I never begin, or end a day,
Without saying the words "I love you"

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